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Federal Student Aid Programs by visiting FAFSA.    Branford Academy 041288

             Facility + Equipment                                 witnesses anyone being bullied, or harassed, they are
                                                                  required to report the matter to the schools director either in
             Branford Academy of Hair & Cosmetology is located at 251   person, by phone or in writing so appropriate action can be
             W. Main St B.2  S.6 Branford Ct. 06405. The facility is   taken.
             conveniently located off Rte 1 with full access to Northeast
             Transportation (New Haven’s’s City Bus System). Branford   Admission Requirements
             Academy of Cosmetology is fully equipped to meet all the
             demands of today’s salon. The facility includes private   Branford Academy admits as regular students those that
             classrooms, client reception and work areas, management   have met the following requirements for enrollment:
             offices, student lounge and equipment. It is handicapped
             accessible, ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant, and   •   For all accredited course, an applicant must be at
             offers ample free parking. There is no housing available to   least 18 years of age.
                                                                      •   Personal Interview: Applicant must complete a
             School Hours                                                personal interview with the admissions team prior
              Branford Academy  is open Monday - Thursday:  9:00AM       to registration. The applicant shall receive and
             – 9:00PM, Friday 9:00AM – 4:00PM and Saturday:  9:00AM      review  the school catalog, and be given a tour of
             – 3:00 PM                                                   the facility.
             Students are NOT required to attend school on Memorial
             Day, the week of July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day ,   •   Provide Verification Documentation: Copy of
             Black Friday, December 24-January 2nd.                      High school diploma, a GED certificate, an official
                                                                         transcript of secondary school completion, or a
             Approvals, Accreditation and Affiliation                    state certification of home-school completion, and
                                                                         drivers license or birth certificate. Branford
             Branford Academy is approved by the State of CT Dept. of    Academy does not accept ATB students.
             Health Services, 410 Capitol Ave.  Hartford, CT. 06134       A Student enrolling in Makeup Artistry programs
             Phone: 860-509-7569, and Branford Academy of Hair &         need only show proof of
             Cosmetology  is accredited by National Accrediting           completion of eight grade and  be at least 16
             Commission of Career Arts & Sciences, 3015 Colvin Street    years of age.
             Alexandria, VA 22314  Phone: 703-600-7600  and Approved
             by the Office of Higher Education State of Connecticut  61   •Transfer Students will be accepted provided
             Woodland Street  Hartford, CT 06105  860-947-1816    •     - The above admissions requirements are completed
                                                                  •      - An official transcript of hours earned from the
             MILITARY SPOUSES                                     previous school is received and does not exceed 5 years
             The Office of Financial and Academic Affairs for Higher   prior to the date of application for admission to Branford
             Education and the State Approving Agency have approved   Academy of Hair & Cosmetology
             Branford Academy of Hair & Cosmetology programs for the   •  - A transfer student must attend a minimum of 300 hours
             training of veterans.                                at Branford Academy of Hair & Cosmetology
             Veterans, children of veterans, and spouses of veterans   • - Student was not terminated from the previous school due
             seeking educational assistance for training provided by the   to drug/ alcohol and/or  unprofessional conduct
             VA should apply to the Veteran's Office located within our
             Financial Aid department for application procedures and   •   Reentry Students will be accepted provided:
                                                                  - Outstanding tuition, fees and overtime expenses are paid
             Branford Academy, its staff and/or faculty are members of:   in advance or the student has made satisfactory
                                                                  arrangements’ with the Financial Aid officer.
             •   Chamber of Commerce                              - Previous tuition payments will be credited to the students
             •   American Association of Cosmetology Schools      balance
             •   Cosmetology Educators Association                - Reentering students will be contracted according to the
                                                                  current tuition costs and will be required to pay any
             Non Discrimination Policy                            additional fees if applicable.
                                                                  - Pay the $150.00 Non-refundable application fee
             Branford Academy does not discriminate in its
             employment, admission, instruction, or graduation policies   State Licensing Disclaimer
             on the basis of sex, age, race, color, religion, or ethnic origin
             nor does it recruit students already attending or admitted to   The state may refuse to grant a license if a student has
             another school offering programs of study. The school does   been convicted of a crime; committed an act involving
             not allow or tolerate discrimination of any kind, bullying, or   dishonesty, fraud, or deceit; or committed any act that, if
             harassment. If any student or staff member experiences or   committed by a licentiate of the business or profession in

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