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Federal Student Aid Programs by visiting FAFSA.    Branford Academy 041288
             question, would be grounds for the Department of Health to   fact required to be revealed in the application for such
             deny licensure. The Department of Health denies licensure   license.
             on the grounds that the applicant made a false statement of
             Branford Academy  is not responsible for students denied licensure. Students who are not US citizens or who do not
             have documented authority to work in the United States will not be eligible to apply to take the state licensure
                                                                  a neat, clean appearance. Most people would not want to
                                                                  go into a salon/barber shop and have someone do their hair
                                                                  or make-up who clearly doesn't take care of their own hair
                                                                  and make-up. Cosmetologist/Barbers' physical appearances
                                                                  are walking references to their skill ability.

                                                                  In terms of cleanliness, refined personal hygiene is crucial
                                                                  for Cosmetologists/Barbers. Cosmetologists/Barbers
                                                                  regularly touch their clients, more so than many other
                                                                  professions, so they need to keep clean as a matter of
             Important Facts about Branford Academy of Hair &     course or may spread dirt, germs, disease and possibly
             Cosmetology Programs                                 bugs, such as lice amongst clients.
                                                                  Body Positioning: Cosmetologists/Barbers are required
             Branford Academy of Hair & Cosmetology offers        to stand about 75 percent of the time.
             programs in Cosmetology, Barbering, Esthetics, Eyelash   Cosmetologists/Barbers must lean forward, stoop, bend and
             Extensions and Makeup Artistry. All programs are taught in   twist. Standing and leaning over clients is a common
             English.                                             position when washing a client’s hair or administering a
                                                                  facial. The back experiences significant stress during the
                                                                  course of a cosmetologist's day. If an individual cannot
             Licensing requirements                               stand or remain standing for long periods of time, they are
                                                                  unlikely to be successful as cosmetologists/Barbers
             Cosmetology, Esthetics & ,Barbering, are clock hour   because they will not be able to perform tasks accurately.
             programs which prepares the student for Licensing.    Steady Hands: A cosmetologist/Barber’s hands are
             The State of Ct requires a student to have completed the
             eighth grade, the required hours of instruction from a CT   frequently exposed to water and cleansing.
             state approved curriculum  and passed the CT State Board   Cosmetologists/Barbers work with their hands to cut hair,
             Written Exam with a minimum score of 70% in order to   perform manicures and pedicures, make-up and other
             obtain a Cosmetology / Barbers license .             applications. To perform all these tasks successfully, the
                                                                  cosmetologist/Barber must have the ability to control their
             Reference to state regulations:    hands and fingers at all times, including holding the hand
                                                                  very steady while cutting hair, applying makeup or other
             Cosmetology requires 1500 clock hours. Barbering requires   beauty treatments. A cosmetologist/Barber who cannot hold
             1000 clock hours.  Esthetic 600 clocked hours        their hands steady is certain to receive a number of
                                                                  complaints from incorrectly or badly performed procedures.

             Currently the State of CT does not require licensing for   Allergies: Cosmetologists/Barbers are required to handle
             Esthetics, Nail Technology or Makeup Artistry.       a large number of chemicals and use a variety of cleansing
                                                                  agents. If an individual is highly allergic to any of these
             All Branford Academy of Hair & Cosmetology           products or very sensitive to these sorts of items, they are
             Cosmetology Programs are offered in a Day schedule (full   unlikely to succeed in cosmetology/barbering due to their
             or part-time ) and Evening schedule. Esthetics & Barbering   adverse physical reactions to the tools of the trade.
             are full or part time day programs.
                                                                  Using Tools: Cosmetology/Barbering tools can cause cuts
             Industry Requirements                                and other injuries, so it's important that a cosmetologist
                                                                  have reasonably good vision so she can handle the tools
             According to CT Job & Career Connection the average   safely. Dexterity to grasp scissors, razors and small make-
             statewide annual income for these occupations is     up tools is important.
             $28839.00. This amount does not include tips and
             gratuities. Employment in this occupation is expected to   Occupations available
             grow faster than average, and the number of annual
             openings will offer excellent opportunities.         For licensed professionals jobs include Salon/

             Prospective cosmetologists/ barbers must be aware of the   Spa/Barbershop ownership or management, Full or Part-
                                                                  time work as a Hairstylist, Color specialist, Barber in a
             physical demands in this career as they can be
             strenuous:                                           Salon/Spa/Barbershop/Chain salon, Instructor ( at least two
                                                                  years Professional experience required), Inspectors
             Hygiene: It is important for cosmetologists/barbers to have   Other areas include: Hair,  Nail or Makeup artistry for Film
             adequate hygiene for several reasons. The first is simply a   ,Theater, Photography studio or Department store, Product
             matter of self-recommendation. It is a cosmetologist /   manufacturer , Marketing or Educational Support
             barber’s job to help others look as attractive as possible;   Representative, Manicurist, Skin care specialist
             therefore it is important for the cosmetologist/barber to have

             Annual Performance Statistics

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