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Federal Student Aid Programs by visiting FAFSA.    Branford Academy 041288

              WEEK  SUBJECT                                         Pedicures

                      Seeking Employment – update Resume +
                41    Portfolio

                42    On the Job , Budgeting for success

                43    Salon Business – Business Plan / State Laws

                44    Salon Business – Business Plan / State Laws

                45    Salon Business – Business Plan / State Laws
                                                                  Cleanliness and sanitation are essential aspect of our profession.
                      To graduation: Clinic / State Board Exam    Students will be asked to participate in daily and weekly clean-up
                46    Review Testing
                                                                  tasks around the school including bathroom facilities.  This is part
                      To graduation: Clinic / State Board Exam    of the training and will help develop skills and habits that will
                47    Review Testing                              contribute to future success.  In addition, please observe the
                                                                  guidelines that follow:
                      To graduation: Clinic / State Board Exam
                48    Review Testing                                     1. Keep your equipment intact, clean and sanitized.
                                                                         2. Keep your work station and the break room clean.
                      To graduation: Clinic / State Board Exam    Do not leave open cans, cups etc... on the table. Place pocket
                49    Review Testing
                                                                  books in locker, not at your station!!!
                      To graduation: Clinic / State Board Exam    3. You are responsible for your book, equipment and supplies.  If
                50    Review Testing                              any item is lost or stolen, you need to replace it.
                                                                         The Branford Academy is not responsible for any lost or
                      Fundamental III Practical and Exam          stolen items.
             A student must complete all requirements of a Fundamental
             level  including grade out before advancing into next level.

             Minimum Number Of Clinic Services
             To Be Performed In Order To

               Service Type

               Wet Styling           ( Sculpting, Rollersets, Finger-waves, Wraps)           25

               Thermal Styling    ( Blow Drying /Curling Iron / Flat Iron/ Pressing)         30

                                                                         Student Kit- Cosmetology
               Haircuts                                                                      50

               Hair Color              ( Semi / Demi / Permanent)                            25
                                                                  Students are responsible to purchase a Branford Academy
                                                                   of Hair & Cosmetology Kit at an additional cost from  the
               Hair Lightening      ( Double Process)                   tuition. Note: Kit items are subject to change.
               Dimensional ( Foiling /Cap/ Etc)                                              25
                                                                     1      Large Tote
               Braiding                                                                       5
                                                                     1     Set Milady Books
               Long Hair Styling                                                              5
                                                                     1     Set Salon Fundamental Books
               Hair Removal                                                                  10
                                                                     1     Spray bottle
               Facials                                                                        3
               Perms                                                 1     Curling Iron      10

               Relaxers                                              1     Box Styling combs   2
               Manicures                                             1     Flat Iron          5

                                          BranfordAcademy of Hair & Cosmetology      9
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