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Branford Academy of Hair & Cosmetology  203.315.2985

                                                  Rules and Regulations
                   1.   Students MUST obey all rules of personal hygiene and sanitation at all times. Courtesy to staff, fellow students and clients is
                   required at all times.
                   2.   It is mandatory for students to wear required uniform—ALL BLACK or black Branford Academy shirt, black dress pants NO
                   SWEAT PANTS, black skirt (knee length). Black shoes or black sneakers. Black Branford Academy apron. If you are out of
                   uniform by not wearing the Branford Academy shirt or are wearing anything that covers the Branford Academy shirt, you will
                   receive a warning slip.  After you receive three warnings, you will be put on a three day suspension.  (Academy sweat shirts are
                   2a. Items NOT PERMITTED: Jeans, tank tops, halter tops, or any top showing your midriff.  Shorts or skirts shorter than your
                   Branford Academy apron. Open toe shoes, sandals or sneakers showing a logo. If you are wearing any of the above articles of
                   clothing you will be sent home for the day).

                   3.  Hair and makeup must be done prior to arriving to school.  Remember, fashion, creativity and beauty is the profession you are
                   entering.  If you want the part, act and look the part.  Keep in mind; this is the prelude to your FUTURE.....This is your
                   opportunity to express to the administration, the type of salon you wish to seek employment with.
                   4.   Smoking is prohibited in the Academy.  If a student is found smoking in the school they will be clocked out & sent home.

                   5.  Upon your arrival for the first day of class, your palm of your right hand will be registered in our system.  Each student is
                   required to clock in and out by scanning their palm each day. If you do not scan in you will not receive credit for that time. If a
                   student is late or absent, the Academy must be notified by 15 minutes after their scheduled time to be in school (Morning students
                   must contact the Academy by 9:15am and evening students must contact by 5:15pm
                   6.   Each student is required to be on time every day they are scheduled to be in school. If a student is late for class, they will not
                   be able to clock in until the following hour.   Clock in times for full time/part time day students is 9:00am. After 3 warnings you
                   will be suspended for 3 days which will go against your contract.  You will be able to clock in at 10:00am or 1:00 pm and stay
                   until 5:00pm.  At each student's discretion, any day student who clocks in at 9:00am may stay in school for an extra hour.  Full
                   time students will be allowed to remain in school until 6:00pm with a one hour lunch break.  Part time day students can remain in
                   school until 2:00pm. Evening students are expected to be clocked in at 5:00 pm.  If you are later then 5:00pm, you will receive a
                   warning slip.  After 3 warnings, you will be suspended for three days which will go against your contract. Final swipe time is
                   6:00pm, nothing later.  Any evening student wishing to come to school earlier may clock in to school at 4:00pm.  If you are
                   scheduled to attend class on Saturday and do not, you will be given a 3 day suspension.  The only accepted excuse for mandatory
                   Saturday classes is a funeral. All other excuses are not acceptable.  If you are a part time student and begin to attend classes on a
                   full time schedule, after 3 days of attending at a full time schedule, you will have a full time contract. Students need to attend
                   classes when they are scheduled to attend.
                   7a. If any student misses or fails a test given on a specific test day, they cannot perform services of the chapter until they pass the
                   theory test.
                   7b. If a student misses or fails a test, that student will not be able to receive a service or perform a service on any other student or
                   model until the test is a passing grade.
                   7c. Make up test are given every Friday morning at 9am (Thursday for evening students) each student has two weeks to make up
                   the test they are missing, if they do not make up their test within the two week time period they will be put on a three day
                   suspension and will have to make up the test when they return.
                   8.  If you miss three or more consecutive days without contacting the school you will be put on a three day suspension.  This
                   three day suspension will go against your contract.  Upon your return to school, a 30 day probation period will be given.
                   9.   Absences due to illness for more than 3 days must be accompanied by a physician's note. You will not be able to return to
                   school without a physician's note.
                   10.  Consumption of food or drink in cutting area or class rooms is not permitted. You are provided a lunch room and eating area.

                   11.  No gum chewing on the clinic floor.
                   12a. No foul language to a teacher, staff member, fellow student or customer. If foul language is heard, you will be given an oral
                   warning. On the third warning, you will be asked to go home and put on a three day suspension.

                         12b. Acts of any insubordination (disobedient or bad behavior) to any staff member of the Branford Academy will
                   result in suspension and possible termination.

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