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Federal Student Aid Programs by visiting FAFSA.    Branford Academy 041288
             Minimum Number Of Clinic Services

             To Be Performed In Order To

               Service Type                          Required

               Wet Styling           ( Sculpting,      25
               Rollersets, Finger-waves, Wraps)
               Thermal Styling    ( Blow Drying /Curling   30            Student Kit- Cosmetology
               Iron / Flat Iron/ Pressing)

               Haircuts                                50
                                                                  Students are responsible to purchase a Branford Academy
               Hair Color              ( Semi / Demi /   25        of Hair & Cosmetology Kit at an additional cost from  the
               Permanent)                                               tuition. Note: Kit items are subject to change.
               Hair Lightening      ( Double Process)  5
                                                                      1     Large Tote
               Dimensional ( Foiling /Cap/ Etc)        25
                                                                      1    Set Milady Books
               Braiding                                5
                                                                      1    Set Salon Fundamental Books
               Long Hair Styling                       5
                                                                      1    Spray bottle
               Hair Removal                            10
                                                                      1    Curling Iron
               Facials                                 3
                                                                      1    Box Styling combs
               Perms                                   10
                                                                      1    Flat Iron
               Relaxers                                2
                                                                      1    Blow Dryer
               Manicures                               5
                                                                      1    Teasing Brush
               Pedicures                               5
                                                                      1    Tail Combs
                                                                      1    Hair Clips

                                                                      1    5 Pairs of reusable gloves
                                                                      2    Female Mannequins
                                                                      1     Male Mannequin
             Cleanliness and sanitation are essential aspect of our   2     Academy Shirts
             profession.  Students will be asked to participate in daily
             and weekly clean-up tasks around the school including    1    Vent Brush
             bathroom facilities.  This is part of the training and will help
             develop skills and habits that will contribute to future   1  Clipper / Trimmer set
             success.  In addition, please observe the guidelines that
             follow:                                                  3    Round brushes
                                                                      1    Brush Set
                    1. Keep your equipment intact, clean and sanitized.
                    2. Keep your work station and the break room      1    Hair Extension Kit with certificate
             clean. Do not leave open cans, cups etc... on the table.
             Place pocket books in locker, not at your station!!!     1    Keratin Treatment Certificate
             3. You are responsible for your book, equipment and
             supplies.  If any item is lost or stolen, you need to replace it.  1  Haircutting Set:
                    The Branford Academy is not responsible for any                   Scissors
             lost or stolen items.  All kits are subject to change
             without notice.                                                          Texturizes

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