Job Placement @ Branford Academy

Job Placement

Branford Academy Of Hair & Cosmetology can not guarantee employment, but will do all that is possible to assist individuals in finding employment upon graduation and thereafter. Students are also prepared, prior to graduation, in resume writing, professional appearance, notified of job fairs, and in contact with salon representatives. Students are informed verbally of the Academy's Employment Program. We are your employment agency. Records are maintained on each student's employment status. Area salons are encouraged to come to the Academy for interviews with students or call the Academy when in need of a cosmetologist, nail technician, esthetician or make up artist. Job opportunities are discussed and posted for students. Entry level positions would consist of minimum wage and/or commission. National average annual starting salary is about $20,000.00. Annual salary for an experienced hairstylist is about $35,000.00. Entry level stylists usually will need to work two years before reaching that figure, depending on salon prices, salary structure, individual client-retention and client-building skills.

Advising Procedures

A student may request advising with any instructor of his or her choice. A time will be scheduled. Advising may take place during Academy hours. All of our students are important to us and if we can be of any assistance--be it personal, financial, or regarding employment, we will do all that is possible to assist you. Academic & Financial aid services are available for all students. The Academy also offers referrals to professional agencies for students seeking counseling regarding personal situations beyond the scope of the Academy's training program and staff members expertise.

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