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Branford Academy of Hair & Cosmetology  203.315.2985

               - Outstanding tuition, fees and overtime expenses are paid in advance or the student has made satisfactory
               arrangements’ with the Financial Aid officer.
               - Previous tuition payments will be credited to the students balance
               - Reentering students will be contracted according to the current tuition costs and will be required to pay any
               additional fees if applicable.
               - Pay the $150.00 Non-refundable application fee

               Course out line  Make up Artistry
               The Primary purpose of the Make up artistry  course is to train students in both theory and practical experience to
               prepare them to successfully for immediate employment in the Make up field. The course is particularly directed
               towards developing in the student, desirable habits and attitudes with respect to health, sanitation, safety, and
               encouragement towards self-reliance, readiness to assist others, and an ethical approach to the Make up  profession.
               The program cost is: $150.00 Registration fee, $500.00 kit, $800.00 Tuition. Totaling $1450.00
               Week 1                                            Eyeliner
               Orientation                                       Mascara
               Review kit                                        False Eyelash application
               Opportunities for makeup artist                   Lips
               Basic tools for makeup application
               Infection control                                 WEEK 4: Day / Evening / Bridal Makeup
               Suggested Reading                                 Application / Airbrushing Introduction
                                                                 Week 5
               WEEK 2:                                           Era Makeup
               All Base Makeup:
               Concealer / Foundation / Powder application       WEEK 6:
               Interpreting Skin Tones, Face Colors and Face     Review for Written Final Exam
               Shapes                                            Fantasy Themes - Television / Movies / Theatrical
               Chromatics for facial enhancement thru            / Stage / Students Choice
               Contouring, Highlighting and Blushing.
               Understanding the Color wheel.                    WEEK 7:
                                                                 Written Final exam: Practical: Multiple Day and
               WEEK 3                                            Evening Makeup Occasions (Timed)
               All Eyes and Lips:
               Eyes / Eyebrows                                   Certificate presentation.
               Eye shadow application

               What you will get:
               •  Kit Contents

               Long Sexxy lashes
               Lengthening mascara
               Studio Pro contour palette
               Nude blush
               10 Color brush palette
               4 Studio Pro HD foundations
               3  edition 120 eyeshadow palette
               Smooth-Canvas long wear shadow primer
               BH liquid eyeliner (black)
               BH liquid eyeliner (brown)

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