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               Week 9
               Day 1  Manicure, pedicure
               Day 2  Full set & fill

               OPI ACRYLIC
               OPI’s Acrylic Nail Professional Kit is designed for the nail technician student and
               includes everything needed to kick start their career as a Nail Professional.
               Contains enough product to take students through school and into the salon,
               including full sizes of acrylic system products, quality implements, manicure,
               pedicure and nail care essentials. A durable carrying case with wheels holds
               everything securely in place and makes moving from station to station a cinch!
               KIT INCLUDES: Acrylic Appvsmk~syxD ByÖ8 Kl } ȳvÄ~o Vs{ Äsn6 = <: q Kl } ȳvÄ~o
               ZyÇno| }  2a r s~o6 Mvok|  0  ^| kx} vÄmox~ Zsxu36 >yÖ8 Mvk| s~ó Vs{ Äsn6 <: q Mvk| s~ó
               ZyÇno| }  2a r s~o6 Xk~Ä| kv 0  Zsxu36 8<?yÖ8 Mvk| s~ó Curing Resin, Nail Brush - 8R -
               Red Sable, Nail Brush - 7F- Red Sable, .5oz. Bondex, FreeForm Kit Nail Forms,
               .25oz. Nail Adhesive Thin Set, Perspective Nail Tips 2.0, 1oz. Brush Cleaner,
               Table Towels, 2 Glass Dappen Dishes, Glass Eye Dropper, Sanitation & Safety:
               4oz. N.A.S 99, 4oz. Swiss Blue, 4oz. Swiss Guard Hand Sanitizer, Files &
               Implements: Nail Clippers, Toe Nail Clippers, Cuticle Nipper Matte, Pusher Plus,
               Cuticle Stick, 1-2-3 Luster Buff Brilliance Block, 9 Edge Files, Lacquer Manicure
               & Pedicure: 2 .5oz. Cajun Shrimp Lacquer,.5oz. OPI Red Lacquer, .5oz. Start to
               Finish, .5 oz. Bondex, .5oz. Bond-aid, 4oz. Polish Remover, Dappen Dish, Eye
               dropper, 1oz. ProSpa Exfoliating Cuticle Cream, .25oz. ProSpa Nail & Cuticle Oil,
               Manicure Bowl, White Nail Brush, Foot File, Toe Separators, 75 Nail Wipes,
               OnÄmk~syx Wk~o| skv} D Mvk| s~ó Instruction Sheets, Absolute Instructions Sheets,
               Education Workbook, Large Cosmetology Case

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