Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Branford Academy Of Hair & Cosmetology is a post secondary career school in Connecticut. We have many different financial assistance programs available to help students make the high quality education at Branford Academy Of Hair & Cosmetology affordable.

Financing / Tuition Payment

After enrollment qualifications have been met, the student and Branford Academy Of Hair & Cosmetology will establish what is the best payment plan for the student. Students must pay or make arrangements for a non-refundable registration fee of $150.00. They must also make payment arrangements prior to enrollment with the business office for any tuition cost or fees not paid for.
Branford Academy Of Hair & Cosmetology offers Federal Government Loans(DL) and Pell Grants to those who qualify. The Academy does not discriminate against age, sex, race, color, ethnic origin, disabilities or religion.

REFUND POLICY FOR ALL COURSES AT Branford Academy Of Hair & Cosmetology

If, for any reason, a student is not accepted for enrollment, the school will refund any monies that have been collected. If a student (or in the case of a student under legal age his/her parent or guardian) cancels his/her enrollment and demands his/her money back in writing, within three business days of the signing of the enrollment agreement or contract, all monies collected by the school shall be refunded. The cancellation date will be determined by the postmark on written notification of the date said information is delivered to the school administrator/owner in person. This policy applies regardless of whether or not the student has actually started training.

The school will refund all monies collected whenever a student cancels in writing within 3 business days of signing the enrollment agreement. If a student cancels enrollment after 3 business days after signing but prior to entering classes, he or she shall be entitled to a refund if all monies paid to the school less a registration or enrollment fee of $150.

If a student cancels enrollment after the cooling off period, and does not actually start training, the school is entitled to keep the $150 paid for Pre-enrollment fee. If school is permanently closed and no longer offering instruction after a student has enrolled, the student shall be entitled to pro-rata refund of tuition.

If a course is canceled subsequent to a student's enrollment, the school shall have its option:
  1. Provide a full refund of all monies paid, or
  2. Provide completion of the course.

For students who enroll in and begin classes and receive Title IV funds after October 7, 2000, a refund will be based on the Title IV funds received for hours scheduled in the respective enrollment/pay periods. This calculation will determine the return of Title IV funds only.

The table below will be used in conjunction with the percentage of course completed in determining the NACCAS approved Refund Policy. This ration will determine whether any additional funds are owed to the school or if a refund is due to the student by the school. The following Tuition Adjustment Guideline will be used:

% length completed to total length of program Amount of total tuition owed to school
.01% - 4.9% 20%
5% - 9.9% 30%
10% - 14.9% 40%
15% - 24.9% 45%
25% - 49.9% 70%
50% and over 100%

Enrollment time is defined as the time elapsed between the actual starting date and the date of the student's last day of attendance in the school. Any monies due the applicant or student shall be refunded within 30 days of formal cancellation by the student, or formal termination by the school, which shall occur no more than 30 days from the last day of physical attendance, or in the case of a leave of absence, or in the case of an expulsion or termination, the documented date of return.

Students withdrawing from the Academy for any reason are required to report their withdrawal within five calendar days to the Academy in writing in order for refund procedures to begin.

In case of a student illness or disabling accident, or circumstances beyond the control of the student, the Academy may waive, in whole or part, the tuition settlement policy. If a student does not attend for 30 consecutive days and the school and/or student does not make verbal confirmation to continue training, the student will be terminated.

If the Academy is permanently closed and no longer offering instruction, after a student has enrolled, the student shall be entitled to a pro-rated refund of tuition.

WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act)
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Refunds "Return of Title IV Funds"

Branford Academy Of Hair & Cosmetology calculates an institutional refund for all students who leave school prior to their anticipated graduation date. In addition, if a student has received Federal Title IV funds, a "Return to Title IV Funds Calculation" is done.

A student may be due a larger refund then one calculated as a result of the school's regular refund policy. A larger refund may be due if all of the following conditions are met.

  1. The student must be a first time student. This includes any student who has not enrolled in any other course at the Academy and terminated that enrollment within the previous 12 months.
  2. The student must be a recipient of a Federal Pell Grant or a Federal Direct Student loan funds.
  3. The student must have completed less then 60% of the period of enrollment for which he/she was charged. This is calculated according to the following fraction.

If conditions a, b, and c are met, Return of Title IV Funds will be calculated according to the following Fraction: Total hours scheduled to be completed,

Hours in the payment period for which the student was charged.

The resulting percentage from the above fraction is then multiplied by the total tuition assessed

Lifetime Placement Assistance

Branford Academt of Hair & Cosmetology also offers lifetime placement assistance and has strong relations with several of the top salons in the area.

Grants & Loans

Pell Grants, Stafford and Goverment Loans are available for those who qualify.

The staff at Branford Academt of Hair & Cosmetology are always ready to help with Financial Aid
Call (203)315-2985 for further information

Please call our admissions office to inquire about how to begin your federal student loan application... It is free to do and takes an average of 30 minutes.