Face Framing Techniques

This month, Branford Academy hosted a class that was all about face framing techniques. Face framing is a method that hair dressers can use to enhance certain facial features, or minimize features that people may not feel so confident about. Depending on which features the client wishes to enhance or hide, the hair dresser can style their client’s hair in a complementary, beautiful way! One method to frame a client’s face is to give the client angles. Putting angles and layers into a client’s hair gives her locks extra body. This style is one that anyone can own, and will give any client a more modern and updated look! Giving a client bangs is another way to provide a client with a beautiful frame for her face. There are plenty of different styles of bangs, which can all do different things for a client’s overall appearance. Bangs can range from long and wispy, to side swept or short; and depending the client’s face shape, students at Branford Academy will know just what to do!

Graduate Corner