Facial Waxing at Branford Academy

This month, Branford Academy held a class on facial waxing. From brows, to upper lips, to chins; students are now well versed on the ins and outs of waxing!

By using the newest, state of the art products, intended especially for sensitive and hypoallergenic skin, clients are sure to be left with smooth and beautiful skin. The RICA Waxing products are offered in a variety
of lines, which are all specifically made with the customer’s comfort and satisfaction in mind.

The line of Biosoluble waxes uses special bamboo depilation technology, which guarantees an extra grip on hair follicles. This line is ideal for short and corse hairs, and can be heated to low temperatures, allowing ultimate comfort for the client. Also, the Biosoluble wax is perfect for use on the bikini zone! RICA’s line of talcum waxes have the added benefit of improving the adhesion of the wax to the hair, through the addition of talcum powder, which will guarantee optimum results.

Some of the waxes made by RICA are made with the added support of aloe vera, which can prevent skin surfaces from becoming enflamed after waxing. RICA also offers before and after lotions and oils, which can help to both prepare, and then soothe skin during the waxing process.

Check out this video to see the proper technique for waxing with RICA brand products!


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