Color Application Fundamentals Class

This month, students at Branford Academy attended a class on color application fundamentals. During the class, the instructor gave different scenarios for the students to work off of. The scenarios were based off of a potential client’s current color status. For example, students learn what to do if the client is twenty percent grey, versus if they were fifty percent grey. After determining the percentage of grey that a customer has, students were taught to determine the level of pigment in the natural hair color, and then to formulate the color based on the desired outcome. Students also learned that it was important to measure american products in ounces, while measuring european products in grams.

Students were trained to use a number of different color products. First, they used Clairol Professional products, which provides hair dressers with a variety of merchandise, depending on what they need to use. Clairol has products ranging from permanent and demi-permanent color, to grey hair treatments, to lighteners, and gloss. Students also learned how to use Wella products, which specialize in styling and caring for clients’ hair. The styling products feature lines for hair that is wet or dry, while the their other products specialize in caring for color-treated hair. The last line of products students learned about were from Framesi, which is a collection of Italian-made hair colors. Their products specialize in giving clients exceptional radiance, total coverage of unwanted greys, stability, and durability. These products are also known for being very gentle on clients’ hair and skin.

No matter what their clients want in the realm of hair color, Branford Academy students are sure to know just the right combination of products for you!

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