Spring Photo Shoot

On March 21st, which was the first day of spring, Branford Academy students had a Spring-themed photo shoot! Students were asked to show what their concept of spring was, using styling and beauty techniques that they have learned so far. Students spent a lot of time thinking about what they wanted to do in this photo shoot. Student Lizarette Dorta was thinking of doing an up-do, and creating a flower out of synthetic hair to go along with it. When she thinks spring, she thinks of blue and green, which she may incorporate into the makeup that she applies on her model in order to compliment her look! Another student, Jillayne Santiago is also thinking of crafting flowers from synthetic hair, using the color pink to say “spring!” in her photo shoot. Springtime gives stylists and beauty technicians a chance to experiment with new and fresh looks, and it can also be a source of inspiration! According to style.com, Spring 2012 beauty trends include brightly colored lips, bold eyeliner, dramatically colored hair, and retro-inspired hairstyles. In the case of Branford Academy students, their creativity was flowing on the day of the spring-themed photo shoot!

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