The Press And Curl

On April 5th, Branford Academy students learned the old fashioned “press and curl” method, which is done on ethnic hair. The press and curl method for ethnic hair is mostly the same as pressing and curling other hair-types, however it differs in the amount of time it takes to smooth the hair out before beginning to curl. The process is simple and easy, and produces great results! To begin, students shampooed and conditioned the model’s hair in order to achieve the best results later on. Once the hair was dry, it was sectioned into six to eight sections. Beginning with a section in the back of the head, students detangled, and then flat ironed the entire head. With ethnic hair styling, this step may be time consuming, in order to achieve straight and smooth hair. Students then clipped the hair back up into six to eight sections. To begin curling, they removed the clip furthest to the back, and placed the hair into the curling iron. By pulling down from the scalp through to the ends of the hair, the hair will become straightened once more before rolling the iron up until it is close to the scalp. After holding it in this position for ten to fifteen seconds, the hair was released from the iron. Students repeated the process throughout the entire head of their model, and created a beautiful head of natural-looking curls.

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