Bio Ionic Re-Texturizing Class

This week, students at Branford Academy had fun learning how to use a revolutionary product called KeraSmooth by Bio Ionic.

Under the instruction of Maria Amodeo from DePasquale Beauty Industries, students were able to learn about the product and how it works. KeraSmooth Anti-Frizz Treatment produces “smooth and shiny hair in 45 minutes,” providing clients with the “fastest defrizz and smoothing service ever!”

This product can be used on any hair type, from wavy and frizzy, to very curly, and typically costs around $150, which could vary depending on the length of the client’s hair. KeraSmooth contains Nanolonic Complex, which “hydrates and conditions the hair, leaving the hair healthy, hydrated, and more manageable” for up to 12 weeks.

This nanotechnology literally shrinks the water molecule to get into the cortex of the hair, allowing for extreme hydration. The 22 minerals within this product help to shrink the water molecules within the hair. Overall, this is a system based on hydration. Maria challenged the students to understand the product, how it works, and how to work with it. Students were excited with the result, and thrilled with how easy the product was to use! The model’s hair went from frizzy and unmanageable, to shiny, soft, and straight. Simply amazing!


Graduate Corner