Photo Shoot 7/11

On July 11th, Branford Academy held a Patriotic-themed photo shoot, following their Fourth of July picnic earlier on in the month. July is known to many as a time during the year to celebrate America and all that it stands for, and this photo shoot fit right in with this concept! Diana brought in a professional photographer from Milford Photo to capture all of the student’s different interpretations of the patriotic theme!

The photo shoot took place on Cozy Beach in East Haven, which was the perfect background to create photographs that really highlighted all of the hard work the students put into their models. It ended up being a beautiful and sunny day, which provided the perfect lighting for the models to stand strong and fierce in.

Students used a variety of techniques to represent patriotism in their models. All of their ideas proved to be creative and original, and very fun! Some students chose to incorporate blue and white into their model’s hair through either hair dye or hair pieces. Others focused on applying dramatic and beautiful makeup to really make their model’s faces pop with a touch of patriotism! Many students chose to incorporate braids into their model’s looks, which is a very hot trend in the beauty world right now. The models were all dressed in either red, white, or blue, or some combination of the three, to tie their looks together. Overall, this photo shoot allowed for the students to show their developing talents, from subtle styling, to more dramatic.

To see the results of this patriotic shoot, click the here!

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