Makeup Class 7/17:

Branford Academy is excited to be offering a new and fun class to their students, which is all based around makeup! This course is a sixty hour independent study, which lasts for ten weeks, for six hours each week.

This course is taught by Kiona, who has both Mac and Lancome on her resume; two very well known cosmetics companies! Because she has been involved with both of these companies, she has plenty of training in diverse settings. Kiona is currently a local independent makeup artist, who has plenty of experience and a lot to teach to her students.

Kiona will teach students about every day makeup, primer, and contouring, which are all useful skill sets for any budding makeup artist. The makeup class will also cover a variety of topics and situations, including evening, bridal, and theatrical makeup. Since all three of these scenarios tend to require very distinct techniques and applications, Kiona will have a lot of useful tips to share with her students. Also offered within this course is makeup application for photography, so that someone looking to be photographed after their makeup application will have the best results possible.

The course costs $150 for registration, and a total of $1800, which includes not only the expertise that Kiona will offer her students, but also a huge makeup kit, plus brushes. By the end of her class, students will not only be well equipped to work in the world of makeup, but they will also have Kiona’s wisdom about today’s makeup and beauty industry!

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