Jokers Wild 7/14:

On the 14th of July, Branford Academy students and faculty decided to go to Jokers Wild, which is a comedy club which is located in New Haven, CT. Diana is always looking for ways to facilitate bonding between students and faculty, and get to know students outside of the salon and weekly classes, so this was a great way to do just that! Diana described this get-together as a way to “kick back, relax, and laugh a little! (or maybe a lot!)”

The show featured Corey Manning and Aaron David Ward, two comedians who were surely successful at making everyone laugh out loud. (For more information on the comedians, click here, Jokers Wild Comedy Club also offers classes in their “school of comedy,” so it was nice for students of Branford Academy to support other fellow students in an entirely different setting. Although there may be stressful times at Branford Academy, students can always count on Diana to give them a way to laugh and let loose.

Up next for the students and faculty at Branford Academy is a karaoke night adventure. Hopefully they will all have their singing voices ready to go, for some serious laughs, and a guaranteed good time for all! No matter what they decide to do, the Branford Academy family always finds a way to have fun, and keep the mood light and playful.

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