New Class 7/16 7/23:

Beginning this month at Branford Academy, new classes will be starting for both day and night students! This means that as classes begin, new students are welcome and encouraged to join in, and start their journey towards success at Branford Academy. Although this might seem like a scary or overwhelming possibility for some, current students all agreed with Jolesa, when she said that “I was scared on my first day. Everyone was so much younger, I felt 19 again!” By taking classes and doing something that they love, students all feel very comfortable and happy with their decision to enroll in Branford Academy’s Hair and Cosmetology program.

In Branford Academy’s School of Cosmetology, students are required to complete 1,500 clocked hours of course work. Students must pass each course with a 75% or better, and must then pass the theory state board exam with an average of 70% or greater. There are three phases in the school of cosmetology. The freshman phase includes basic training, which is mainly focused on theoretical and practical work on mannequins. Phase two, the intermediate phase, includes continuing classes in more specific areas, such as manicuring, hair coloring, and hair cutting. In the intermediate phase, students work with models. In phase three, the senior phase, students work mainly in the clinic, where they complete practical and theoretical work, and then move on to take the state board exams.

Although this program does require commitment and dedication from its students, the staff at Branford Academy are always ready and willing to guide their students down the right paths. To begin the process, click here to fill out the Pre-Admissions form!

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