Branford Academy is excited to be using Motives makeup line. All students learn with and use Motives makeup during their course work that is based around makeup. Charlene Chiaro is the local Motives representative, and supplies Branford Academy with all of the latest and greatest products from Motives.

Mainly, Branford Academy uses the custom blended foundations from Motives. Motives takes into account the individual’s skin type, skin sensitivities, coloring, desired finish and level of coverage, and evenness. After considering all of these things, Motives then has the ability to come up with a foundation that will best fit both the individual’s desires and needs. To take the quiz and see which custom blend is best for you, click on here.

Motives Custom Blend Foundation “…combines liquid mineral foundation with pure pigments and skin enhancing ingredients to create your perfect foundation match.” Motives Custom Blend foundations do tend to be a popular choice among women because of its many benefits. Motives Custom Blend Foundation allows individuals to look natural and healthy, while not having to spend an outrageous amount of money. Custom Blend gives just the right treatment and protection for your skin, whether that be sun protection, or treating oily, dry, or aging skin. Also, each individual can achieve the coverage and finish that they desire. Branford Academy is well trained in Motives Custom Blend Foundation, which is an invaluable skill for any student preparing to go out into the world of cosmetics!

For more information on Motives makeup, you can visit their website by clicking here!

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