Interview with Julissa Melo (current student at Branford Academy):

Janice: Today, we are here at Branford Academy with Julissa! So Julissa, tell us why you chose this school.

Julissa: I chose this school because they gave me a lot of opportunities, and offered me more classes than the other schools did, and gave me more choices of classes to take during my training.

Janice: What other schools did you look at?

Julissa: I also looked at Brio Academy, and Torrington Beauty Academy.

Janice: So what classes were not offered at the other schools that are offered at Branford Academy?

Julissa: They offer classes in hair extensions, makeup, and lots more. Other schools only do hairstyling classes, but Branford Academy offers more than that. When you finish here, you have five or more specialties that you wind up knowing how to do.

Janice: How long have you been at this school?

Julissa: Close to ten months!

Janice: Are you here part time or full time?

Julissa: Full time.

Janice: So, you’re almost done, then!

Julissa: Yes.

Janice: How much time do you have left?

Julissa: About three or four weeks.

Janice: Oh wow! Did you take your test already?

Julissa: I’m taking it this Saturday!

Janice: This Saturday? Oh wow. Are you nervous?

Julissa: Yes!

Janice: But, you must be feeling prepared because of your time at Branford Academy!

Julissa: Yes, I do feel prepared, but I am still nervous.

Janice: What is your plan for after you graduate?

Julissa: Well, I am going to take a vacation first, and then look for a place where I can work for a couple of years, and then eventually I would like to have my own business!

Janice: Very nice! So what would you tell people who are considering which cosmetology school to choose? What advice would you give?

Julissa: I would tell people to come to Branford Academy. They are always there to help you along the way.

Janice: Julissa is from Torrington, CT, and she drives an hour and fifteen minutes to get here, in spite of the fact that there is a school fifteen minutes from her house. One of the advantages to Branford Academy is that you don’t have to pay extra for those extra classes, since it is all included in the tuition! What could be better?

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