Fridays are Fun at Branford Academy!

On September 14th, students participated in a “Fun Friday Afternoon Activity”!  Both Senior and Intermediate level students were invited to participate in this challenging and fun event.  Students were challenged to do both roller sets as well as a blow dry while blindfolded!  The rationale behind this exercise was that if students can do a service blindfolded, they will eventually be able to hold a conversation while completing the service that their client has requested.  By practicing multitasking, students will become strong in not only their excellent hair servicing skills, but will also be able to give their clients an overall great experience.

Students’ reactions to this Fun Friday Activity were nothing but positive.  Cinthia explained that “it was really fun, and I wasn’t surprised when we were given this assignment, because Chelsea and Nickie are always coming up with something to make the exercises more fun and challenging!”  Also, Erika said that the activity “was good, something new and very challenging, and now I can actually say I can do a roller set with my eyes closed!”  Students were challenged to think outside of the box, and held a real sense of accomplishment after completing the challenge!  Chelsea, the instructor, thought that “both students did an amazing job, they really rose to the occasion. We are very proud of them.  Cinthia did an amazing blow dry, and Erika rocked the roller set!”.

Fun activities like this are one of the great things about being a student at Branford Academy.  Everyone is supportive, and instructors aren’t afraid to mix things up and have some fun!  Branford Academy is very excited to announce that both Cinthia Perez and Erika Vazquez are approaching graduation quickly, and they couldn’t be more proud!

Graduate Corner