Team Spirit Photo Shoot

On September 19th, Branford Academy had a “Team Spirit” inspired photo shoot! Students were instructed to choose their favorite professional sports team, and use their colors and clothing to inspire a complete, fierce look!

Students chose a variety of teams that inspired their looks. They captured the colors and the style of the team through dramatic and colorful eye makeup, and beautiful hairstyles. Clothing was also used as a style element! Hair styles ranged from sleek updo’s, to loose curls, to beautiful braids. There were even some male models who showed their team spirit! Overall, students did a great job capturing their favorite team’s style, and they had fun doing it!

The photo shoots themselves are done right at Branford Academy, in a room that is dedicated to just this. There are many different kinds of camera equipment, that are sure to capture the looks created by the students. Diana, the head of school, takes all of the photos for the shoots. These photo shoots are done monthly, and always have a different theme. This allows students to show their creativity and explore another side of their style! Each student now has a gallery with all of their work included in it.

Click here to view the Team Spirit inspired shoot!

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