Freshmen Fun Fridays & Salon Offerings

In addition to Fun Friday Activities done with the senior and intermediate students, Branford Academy has also recently began to include freshmen! Those freshmen who began classes on the 10th of September joined everyone on the clinic floor. They were each given a shampoo and a blow dry, and were then given a mannequin head to work with, to create their own up-do. This was a fun way for the freshmen to being to get some hands-on experience in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. So far, the freshmen have reported that they are enjoying their classes, and they love Miss Nickie! She makes them understand the material in their textbook, and there are plenty of fun extras that she throws in to spice up the class.

Rachael Ray, who has a morning show that is becoming very popular, recently had a show featuring how to get a “free” makeover. Through using clever consignment ideas, to getting a free makeup application at a high end department store, to getting a haircut at a beauty school, women were able to completely transform their looks that costed next to nothing! With all of these ways to get makeovers for free, there is no reason to submit to looking frumpy.

Want to look more put together, but don’t really have a high end budget to do it? Have you been putting off getting your color done because of your budget? Have your children been asking for special dyes or straightening treatments, but you don’t want to pay the big bucks to have it done? Well, Branford Academy has a solution for you! They offer hair cuts, color, and other salon treatments for a much lower price than a salon. All services that are done are supervised by a licensed teacher with lots of experience, so you are sure to get great results! Check out our price list to see what Branford Academy offers, and don’t be shy to give them a try!

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