Qualifications for licensing as a cosmetologist/hairdresser

Every other month, a state board exam is given by the state of Connecticut, and students must eventually take and pass this exam with a score of 70% or above in order to be licensed in Connecticut. Students must complete 1500 hours of schooling and salon work, maintaining a GPA of at least 75%. The board exam costs $100.00 to take, and must be passed in order to begin working.

Although this sounds like a lot of requirements, Branford Academy is there for their students, and guides them through to successful completion! When a student reaches 1300 hours, the business office at Branford Academy provides students with the application to sign up for the state board exam. One of Branford Academy’s instructors then must complete a state board review with the students. This review touches on all areas that students have previously learned, and is tailored in order to meet the specific needs of the students who are studying. For example, if a specific student needs extra instruction on how to successfully do highlights, the instructor can review, in depth, proper procedures, so that she is prepared to take the test. In the unlikely event that a student does not pass the state board exam the first time, there is no need to worry! Branford Academy will encourage students to take it again, and help them with whatever they feel they need. Branford Academy wants their students to never give up, and will be with them throughout their entire journey!

though it is a nerve racking process and experience, the staff at Branford Academy tries to help students as much as possible. Their caring attitude, and comforting disposition gives students the confidence to succeed. They always stand by their motto: “Once you are ours, you are ours forever!”

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