A Man’s Perspective on Becoming a Hairdresser

Many people assume that hairdressing is a field geared towards women. This is simply not the case! In fact, males are in the same classroom with females now more than ever, since it is not possible to get licensed only in barbering. Branford Academy welcomes both male and female students with open arms, and encourages them to pursue licensing degrees in hairdressing and cosmetology as a whole, which is a much more beneficial degree to end up with. The possibilities are endless, and students can go out into the world of beauty and work in a variety of settings! Below is an interview with one of Branford Academy’s male students, Andy, who shares his experiences so far.

Interviewer: Why did you decide to come to cosmetology school? What inspired you?

Andy: What inspired me to go to cosmetology school was; wanting to know how to cut hair the right way. I also see how many barbers limit themselves to just working on male clients, and I realize that knowing how to do female clients will get me a larger number of clients.

Interviewer: Why did you choose Branford Academy instead of another cosmetology school?

Andy: I chose Branford Academy because the establishment offered a friendly environment and a diverse student body.

Interviewer: What are 2 or 3 things you LOVE about your school experience here at Branford Academy?

Andy: I like that as time goes by, I have the opportunity to sharpen and improve my skills and knowledge. I also pride myself in knowing that I am one step closer to being licensed.

Interviewer: What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Andy: I guess my biggest challenge so far has been just getting used to working on female clients. I have learned that it really isn’t so bad.

Interviewer: When do you plan on graduating, and what is your plan for the future?

Andy: I plan to graduate within a year, and my plans are to continue to gain experience and become very good at both men and women’s hair.

Interviewer: What do you love to do in your free time?

Andy: I cut family members’ hair, and actually watch a lot of you tube videos on hairstyling.

Interviewer: How do you feel about being a male in a female-dominated industry?

Andy: As a guy in this industry I feel that I can be competitive. Especially compared to other barbers, I will be licensed to do both males and females, which will give me an upper hand against many.

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