Accomplishments for Salon Industry Success

Branford Academy in Branford has had all the students write down the five things they feel they have yet to learn that they want to and/or their five goals they want to achieve within the industry.

Each student had to write it in a different Sharpie marker so that when they completed the task they could cross it off their list.

Listing their five goals gives the students a sense of accomplishment.

Part of this industry is up selling tickets and selling retail products. Branford Academy has had classes with students teaching them what to expect in the salon industry in relation to selling.

They are taught the difference between professional and the drug store products. Selling without sounding pushy.

The academy has created a project called the five-star client experience. This includes making sure the client feels like they are being pampered and receiving the most from their visit. It will be the stylist who will fulfill this for them.

As each student up sells their service ticket, they receive a mark on a board under their name. Same goes for when they sell a product.

At the end of the month, Branford Academy will tally up and the student with the most marks will win. Their prize could be a certificate with a catchy name allowing students to add to their resume.

According to their Web site, students learn the art of hairdressing with an intensive practical hands-on training. The academy provides for one on one salon training enabling each student to make a career out of the hair and cosmetology industry.

Branford Academy of Hair and Cosmetology is located in the Lakeview Center 251 West Main St.(Rte. 1) in Branford. For information, 203-315-2985 and visit here.

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