Comprehensive Kits Lead to Cosmetology Success at Branford Academy

Students Enrolled at Branford Academy Of Hair And Cosmetology in Branford will each receive comprehensive kits that will provide everything they will need to for an excellent school experience.
Students are provided with two sets of books entitled “Milady Standard Cosmetology” 2008 and 2012 editions and “Pivot Point Salon Fundamentals.” It will get students through the freshman phase allowing them to learn the fundamentals and assist on practical exams.

Since 1938, the “Milady Standard Cosmetology” has been the premier textbook in cosmetology education. Each new edition evolves with the ever changing styles while maintaining the firm foundations in the basic procedures and applications of beauty cultures that have been endured for generations, according to the Milady Web site.

The “Pivot Point Salon Fundamentals” is a student-friendly study strategies that is combined with groundbreaking learning tools and are designed to help students direct their thinking, improve memory, retain what they learn and manage information. Students are inspired because Pivot Point Salon Fundamentals helps them tap into their natural intelligence and gain confidence, according to their Web site.

All the tools students receive while they attend Branford Academy will help them begin their career in cosmetology. Tools to further their career in cosmetology include combs, clips and brushes to two kinds scissors one for practice and another to service on clients.

Branford Academy has added certifications as part of their kit instead of an add-on option. All students that attend will leave certified in hair extensions and numerous keratin and straightening treatments.
Branford Academy brings world-class education and training to the Connecticut shoreline. They offer a comprehensive, progressive education in the basics of hairdressing and cosmetology in an actual salon atmosphere, according to their Web site.

Branford Academy is located at 251 West Main, RT 1 Lakeview Center in Branford. For information on Branford Academy, call 203-315-2985 and visit here.

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