Can I Go to Cosmetology School if My English Isnʼt Great?

What happens if your first language isnʼt English, and you want to get an education in a
trade? Youʼre here in the New Haven area, and you want a better income so that you
can give a better life to your family. But your English isnʼt good. In fact, you understand
English, but you are afraid to speak, have a heavy accent, or arenʼt sure of your words.

What do you do?

At Branford Academy, helping students with language as well as learning the
cosmetology and barbering business is second nature. There have been plenty of
students who weʼve helped learn English as well as how to cut, color, style, straighten
and curl hair!

“Donʼt be scared! There are people here who can help you. All you need is to be able to
understand, and your speaking will come in time” says Andrea, a student from Peru.
Andrea started classes 10 months ago, and is now getting really comfortable speaking
with classmates and teachers as well as her clients. “I came to this school because it
was the most friendly place that I looked at.”

Michel, another Spanish speaking student from Cuba couldnʼt agree more. With the
encouragement of all of his teachers, heʼs seen a 50% improvement in his ability to
speak English in the 8 months heʼs been in class.

“Weʼve had students bring an electronic translator to class and that works pretty well”
says Chelsea Shatto, director of Financial Aid at Branford Academy. We encourage
them to wean themselves from the translator, and we love seeing our students really
progress to feeling comfortable speaking English.”

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