Paying a fortune for hair color?

The average price for a simple color retouch in Connecticut can range from $75 to $200, depending on the affluence level of the community where your salon is located.

Recently, an East Haven resident, let’s call her Rose, was in a pinch. It was time for her every-six-weeksroot retouch. The gray hairs were popping through, and we all know how we hate that! Rose normally makes a 45 minute trek to a fancy Fairfield salon, and pays $200 plus tip to have a root-retouch and a blow dry of her shoulder length hair. She loves her hairdresser and the trip to Fairfield is just part of Rose’s routine.

But let’s face it. Do we really need to pay $200 for a color re-touch? That’s a week’s groceries for a
family of five. It’s 4 tanks of gas, 40 grande caramel macchiatos at Starbucks, a fabulous pair of boots.
So let’s get back to Rose. There was a problem. Her hairdresser apparently got tired of the cold CT
weather and moved to Florida! How could she do that to Rose? Now what would Rose do? This
hairdresser was the only one who Rose trusted to color and blow out her hair. Who else could come close to such fabulous service and results?

Rose reached out to her local BFF’s and guess who they recommended she go to for her hair? Yes, that’s
correct. Rose’s entire circle of friends recommended Branford Academy for color. They’d been using
Branford Academy practically forever for their coloring, hi-lighting and other expensive-treatment needs. Reluctantly, Rose decided to give it a try.

Guess what happened? Rose came in and spoke with the teacher on duty, Chelsea, who put her in the
very capable hands of student Andrea. When all was said and done, Rose was thrilled! “I’m so impressed! I was in and out of here in 90 minutes, had practically no travel time, and all it cost me was $20 plus tip!.” Another interesting thing happened. With Andrea’s encouragement, Rose agreed to try a product called “Big Sexy Hair root pump” For the first time in forever, Rose’s hair was actually looking like it had some volume. “I’m really thrilled and I can’t believe that what this cost me was what I used to tip my other hairdresser!”

Blog Credited to: FabulousCT

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