Branford Academy Graduate Spotlight: Thomas Panico

Tommy, why did you decide to come to cosmetology school? What inspired you?

I needed a career. I like to help and work with people. The salon atmosphere is a very fun atmosphere to work in!

Why did you choose Branford Academy vs. another school?

I heard excellent things about the school, and itʼs close to my home.
What are two or three things you LOVE about your school experience here?
The friendships Iʼve made, the great teachers Iʼve had, and the great education Iʼve received.

Whatʼs been your biggest challenge?

Overcoming my nerves and getting nervous about messing up!
Whatʼs your plan for the future?

Iʼm happy to say that I already have a job lined up right near my home!

Graduation Date: February 1, 2013

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