Branford Academy January 15 & 16, 2013

Students at Branford Academy are always being challenged to use their hairdressing and makeup skills as well as their creativity. Diana Leonardi, Head of School loves to give the students assignments in which they can show off their individual skills and ideas for implementing the challenges. In the past, photo shoots have included wedding themes, holiday themes, Broadway show themes, and many others.

Just recently, students were asked to turn their models into “Human Dolls.”  As you can imagine, this was a fun project that allowed everyone’s imagination and talents to shine. Classic Victorian dolls, modern dolls and cartoon dolls showed up. Barbie even made an appearance dressed in a gown.

As with all photo shoots at Branford Academy, the finest camera and photography equipment is used. A special room is dedicated to the photographic process and Diana loves everything about photo shoot day! With Milford Photo offering guidance, the shoots yield some very professional and dramatic photos. Graduates of Branford Academy have been inspired to work with photographers at fashion shoots because of their experience while in cosmetology school.

All of the costumes for the human doll photo- shoot were provided by the individual students. Hairstyles and makeup applications, of course were part of the assignment.  See our Facebook page to see more images from daily life at Branford Academy.


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