Student Testimonial Olivia Lavendier.

Why did you decide to enroll at Branford Academy?

I was actually in school to become a paralegal when I realized that I wasn’t passionate about it. I was a little nervous about changing my decision until my Mom reminded me that I love doing hair.  I think you have to really enjoy what you do. Some people settle and stay at a job they’re not happy with. I have a family connection here in Connecticut who suggested I come and see the school.

What did you like about Branford Academy?

I liked this school because it’s smaller and more intimate than another school that a friend of mine chose in Rhode Island. I like that I work more closely with my teachers. It’s the right place for me. I feel like a bigger school would overwhelm me.

 I also knew that I wanted to go away to school, so I moved from Massachusetts to Connecticut to come to school at Branford Academy.

What are you learning that you’re the most passionate about?

Oh, hands down it would be doing color. I’ve always loved coloring my own hair and my friends’ hair. I also love styling with blow-drys and I’ve gotten really comfortable with women’s cuts.

What are you looking forward to learning next?

I can’t wait to learn advanced makeup techniques, barbering, and hair extensions.

What’s really fun for you?

I feel like I’ve built a lot of confidence. I love it when my clients notice that I feel comfortable and confident while I’m working with them. 

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