Eyelash Extension Class

Eyelash Extensions

Are you creative? Do you have an EYE for the future. This 8 hour, hands on Individual Eyelash Extension course will give you the knowledge and techniques to take your talents to another level and earn incredible money.

What will you learn:
Introduction to Eyelash Extensions
Sanitation and Safety Procedures
Tools and Supplies
Eye Prepping
Individual Extension Application
Eyelash care and Maintenance
Refilling Lash Extensions
lash Extension removal
Booking and Pricing
Marketing Eyelash Extensions To Your Clients

What will you need:
A Desire to succeed in the beauty industry
A creative EYE
Able to use both hands simultaneously
Willing to practice
Two models for the day of class. You will be applying Lashes that day !!!!!

What you will get:
Kit Contents
Includes both J and C Curl lashes.
Pro-bonding Eyelash Extension Glue (1)
Pro-Grade Gel Remover (1)
Volume Up, High Gloss J-Curl Black Lashes-0.15x 8,10,12mm (3000 lashes each)
C-Curl Black Lashes .20x12mm (3000 lashes)
Sample Mink Lashes .15x12mm J Curl
Jade Stone (to keep adhesive cool)
Eyelash Comb Brushes-5″(2)
Professional Stainless Steel Tweezers-Straight(2)
Professional Stainless Steel Tweezers-Angled(1)
Professional Stainless Steel Tweezers-Bended(1)
Professional Stainless Steel Tweezers-X-Type(1)
Professional Stainless Steel Mini Scissors
Practice Eyelash Set (1)
Disposable Plastic Glue Trays(pack of 12)
Cotton Tips(pack of 10)
Large Round Sponge (to set lashes on)
Fan Brush (1)
Lashcare Coating Sealer LashCare Volume-up Coating Mascara (1)
LashCare Make Up Remover & Primer (1-30ml mini size)
Disposable, Plastic Mascara Brushes (pack of 10)
Micro Brush Swabs (small tip -100 pack)
LINT-FREE Hydrofirm Under Eye Gel Patches(box of 10 pairs)
Surgical Face Mask (1)
Surgical 3M Tape (2)
Surgical Alcohol Pads(6)
Air Blower (1)
Promotional Poster in English (1)
Thank you Cards (10)
Esthetician Profile Cards (10)
Brochures (10) Standard Eyelash Extension Training Case
Eyelash Extension Training DVD
Lashes Window Cling

For more information call 203.315.2985 Cheryl


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