Branford Academy’s Hair Extension Class.

Branford Academy’s Hair Extension Class with Tara Carrano is the place to be! Students learned about both beaded and bonded extensions, and got hands-on experience working with both techniques, under Tara’s careful and informative instruction. During the class, students learned about both types of extensions, and completed 10 Keratin bonded fusion extensions, and 10 beaded extensions.

Donna Bella’s extensions offers its clients 100% pure Remy Human Hair extensions and extension kits. The Kera-Link Pro (Keratin Fusion Method) comes with 20 pre-tipped hair extensions, so that there is “no messy or damaging glue!” These extensions come in different lengths and textures. The beaded extensions come in both flare beads and grooved beads, which are put in with a special tool.

Students reflected on their fun and positive experience with Tara, and felt very comfortable with the way she conducted her class. Jilayne Santiago said that Tara “…was open to not only teaching us, but [also] gave us many different scenarios that can happen in a salon while doing extensions… She gave us her contact information so that if we have any questions, we can contact her and she will help us.” The care and attention from the staff at Branford Academy makes students feel that their
best interest is being considered. Students loved the energy and excitement that came with taking Tara’s hair extensions class.

Many members of the class commented about how personal their experience was, including Angela Adinolfi, one of the students. “Even though there were many other students in the class, I felt it was also very one on one.” Branford Academy provides an individualized approach to educating their students, allowing each one to feel that they are getting all of the attention and care that they need.

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