Winter Photo Shoot at Branford Academy

At Branford Academy, February’s independent project was to do a Winter Photo Shoot. Students were instructed to display the color white within their photos, and were allowed to have the help of one of the eleven staff members. This independent project allowed the students to get creative, and they really had to think about how they were going to use the skills they learned at Branford Academy to accomplish their goal. Students took a number of different approaches to this assignment, using hair accessories, white shimmering makeup and lip color, and many other accessories to incorporate white into their photos. Some especially noteworthy designs featured models with beautiful silvery-white makeup, and even one model with completely white lips! Other students chose to use different white accessories in their model’s hair to give them a winter wonderland look!
Happy winter from Branford Academy!


Check out these photos from the photo shoot at Branford Academy!

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