Branford Academy Hair Re-texturizing class

On February the 28th, Branford Academy held a Hair Re-texturizing class for its students. This treatment is used for clients who feel that their hair is frizzy and unmanageable. After the treatment, the client’s hair is sure to be transformed! The instructor showed students how to use Cadiveu’s Keratin Nourishing Treatment. The Keratin Nourishing Treatment uses a combination of keratin concentrate, panthenol, cocoa butter, and Ph 4.5. All of these products come together to fortify hair by adding strength and improving elasticity. Also, this treatment reinforces the structure of the hair, and refinishes the outer layer.

By using this line of products, every client’s hair goes from being frizzy and unmanageable, to shiny and silky. Branford Academy had two volunteers for the day and evening classes, where students were able to see first hand how the product worked on an actual model. There are three main stages to treating the hair with the Keratin Nourishing Treatment. First, during preparation, hair should be washed with Anti Residue Shampoo, and then rinsed completely. Second, the Deep Conditional Mask should be applied to dry hair, using a comb and a brush in order to evenly disperse it throughout the client’s hair. Before rinsing, students should apply the Keratin Nourishing Treatment, by combing it through the model’s hair. Last, in the finishing stages, the Keratin treatment should sit in the hair for five minutes, and then be rinsed out. Hair should then be dried normally, leaving the client with frizz-free, smooth, shiny hair!

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