Celebrity Photo Shoot at Branford Academy

Every month, Branford Academy students do independent projects, which allow them to individually explore a specific topic or area. In January, Branford Academy’s topic was celebrities. Students were instructed to turn their models into a celebrity: their sense of style, makeup, and most importantly, their hairstyle! With the student’s choice of instructors from one of the eleven on staff, they transformed their models into the celebrity of their choice. Featured “celebrities” included Avril Lavigne, Shirley Temple, Katy Perry, and Lady GaGa. Avril was featured with red-brown long hair, and dark, harsh eye makeup. Shirley Temple was featured with luscious curls, and certainly made a sweet, lasting impression! The students did an excellent job taking their models and making them into celebrity lookalikes!

Check out the photos from the photo shoot at Branford Academy!
Check out the photos from the photo shoot on our Facebook Page!

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