Braiding class at Branford Academy

During Branford Academy’s Braiding class, students had the opportunity to learn how to do many different types of braids, including box braids, cornrows, fishtails, and braided up-do’s. There are different methods to capturing the look of each type of braid. The students mastered each technique, with the help of a Branford Academy staff member. Box braids are braids done using synthetic hair. They consist of three strand braids created by crossing opposing strands, one pair on top of the
other. For this type of braid, two stylists are often required. Although they take a while to put in, box braids can last several weeks if maintained properly. Cornrows are a traditional African style braid, and are done very close to the scalp using an underhand, upward motion. The braids look raised off of the scalp, and can be done in simple straight lines, or more complicated patterns on the scalp.

A fishtail braid is an easy way to make a beautiful braid in a client’s hair. They are done by sectioning the hair into two parts, and then using a simple braiding technique to intertwine the two sections. Last, braided up-do’s can be done in many different ways, and are currently in high demand! There isn’t one correct way to do a braided up-do, and it is up to the client to decide how they want their braid incorporated into their style.

To see the photo album from Branford Academy’s braiding class,
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