Clipper Class at Branford Academy For Hair & Cosmetology

March, Branford Academy hosted a Clipper Class for their students, where guest teacher, barber Tim Dawson, came to teach students how to use clippers, trimmers, and a straight edge razor. Since the focus turned to men’s hair for this class, it was very helpful to have a barber’s point of view!

Students also had the opportunity to learn how to do an edge up, as well as a fade. An edge up is done in order to create a neater, more shapely, straighter hairline. This effect is accomplished by using a T edge blade, and is a fairly difficult skill to master.

A fade, on the other hand, is when a man’s hair is longer on the top, and becomes shorter towards the bottom. This is done by using clippers with different guard sizes.

For more information, or to see photos and videos of Branford Academy’s Clipper Class, click the link below!
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