DermaplanePro Curriculum

DermaplanePro Branford Academy
Must have a current license in cosmetology or esthetics

Check-in: 9:30am

Class: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Course includes:

 Part 1

  • DermaplanePro Branford Academy Course, Includes:
  • Welcome
  • Video Training
  • Dermaplaning Exfoliation Video and Quiz
  • Skin Biology Video and Quiz
  • Hair Biology Video and Quiz
  • Client Consultation Video and Quiz
  • Manual (PDF)
  • Face Diagram (PDF)
  • Dermaplaning Demonstration Videos: Left-Handed and Right-Handed
  • Part-One Final Quiz
  • Certificate of Completion

 Part 2

  • Classroom Experience, Includes:
  • Hands-On Dermaplaning with Instructor and up to 5 other students
  • Deluxe ProStart Kit
  • Experience working with tools and supplies in the Deluxe ProStart Kit
  • Give and receive a complete dermaplaning facial
  • Certification upon successful completion of the course
Deluxe ProStart Kit Includes:
(Show Kit Contents)


Individual #10R Butter Blades


Individual #10D Blades


#10R Butter Blades w/ attached plastic handle


AHA/BHA Skin Prep Solution 1 oz.


Sample Nourishe Dermaplaning Oil


Sample NuPeel Natural Enzyme Gel


Metal Blade Handle


Blade Remover Box


Face Mask – Ageless Stem Cell & Peptide Mask


Neck Mask – Ageless Stem Cell & Peptide Mask


Lip Balm


Ageless Protocol Card

Following training the aesthetician will understand:
  • The history & purpose of dermaplaning test
  • How dermaplaning compares with other forms of physical exfoliation and hair removal
  • Differences among surgical and dermaplaning blades
  • The necessary client forms that must be completed prior to client receiving treatment
  • Record keeping requirements and why
  • Client selection
  • Contraindications to treatment
  • Instrument selection, preparation, use and disposal
  • Proper sanitation of instruments and infection protection
  • Blood spill procedure as it pertains to dermaplaning
  • Methodology for dermaplaning treatment, including: maneuvering the instrument, clinical end points, troubleshooting and post procedure options
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Total Cost:

Starting Dates

Aesthetician will be able to demonstrate:
  • Safe handling of blades before, during and after treatment
  • Safe disposal of used blades
  • Proper sanitization of instruments used in dermaplaning
  • Proper draping, client safety & comfort during the procedure
  • Pre-treatment skin analysis and explanation of the procedure to the client
  • The ability to follow the protocol for preparing the client’s skin prior to treatment
  • Competency in performing the dermaplaning procedure on the full-face of a live model
  • One of the 5 treatment protocols

Certification Courses are only available to professionals with one or more of the following licenses: Esthetics, Nursing, Cosmetology, Barbers.

Esthetics students can take our course.

  • You must be within the last 2 months of your program to be eligible for the course.
  • We suggest you check with your insurance liability carrier to make sure dermaplaning is covered by your insurance company before registering for a training class.