Eyelash Extensions
(Bridgeport Campus Only)

Eyelash Extensions
50 Hours

Bridgeport Campus Only

Days and Times

Hours Per Week

Tuesday & Thursday 5-9pm


Are you creative? Do you have an eye for the future? This 50 Hour, hands on individual eyelash extension course will give you the knowledge and techniques to take your talents to another level.

  1. The total curriculum shall not be less than 50 hours of instruction.
  2. The first 20 hours must be devoted to instruction in the theoretical aspects of all content areas. Practical instruction can be included in this first 50 hours but supervised practice on a clinic floor cannot.
  3. The remaining 30 hours are to be devoted to supervised practice integrated with ongoing theoretical and practical instruction.
What you will learn:
  • Booking and Pricing
  • Introduction to Eyelash Extensions
  • Sanitation and Safety Procedures
  • Tools and Supplies
  • Eye Prepping
  • Individual Extension Application
  • Eyelash care and Maintenance
  • Refilling Lash Extensions
  • Lash extension removal
Academic Program



Orientation, History + Opportunities, Professional Image, Life Skill, Communication


Infection Control. Anatomy + Physiology of the eyes


Applications & Practicals


Full set of extensions


Refills of extensions


Final Exams


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Admissions requirements
All applicants must fill out the application form & take a brief test.
Eyelash Technician/ Extension


Application fee:
Non Refundable

Reg fee:
Non Refundable



Total Cost:

After a deposit of $880.00
weekly payments are $450.00 for 6 weeks, No Interest.
6.25 week program, 50 hours

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