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Cosmetology has always been a huge passion of mine. I must say it was a little bit of a journey, but completely worth it. Its never too late to do what you love to do. Also while trying to better my life I created life. I now have something to show my little girl. That her mother followed her passion and made a career out of it. It took me a little extra time to graduate, but I stuck with it and really feel like I came out on top. When you are taught by the best you become the best. All words of wisdom came from Ms Diana herself. Start by making a new career path with the help of Branford Academy of Hair & Cosmology.

April P.

I attended Branford Academy of Hair & Cosmetology in 2010 and graduated in 2011. While attending my education was top notch. I was taught many hair color techniques, hair color lines, how to use all different hair company styling products, styles, haircuts from traditional to new trends, & barbering. Branford Academy is a rare school in the state as they aren’t a one brand school.

Branford Academy goes above and beyond by having classes to be certified in color line, hair straightening systems, extensions, & more. I was set up of for success from day one by being shown how to be professional and make it in this industry.

Fast forward 5 years later I know own my own stylist company traveling in and out of state styling hair & doing makeup for fashion shows, commercials, photoshoots, clothing companies, book covers, magazines (In & out of the US), celebrities, & weddings. I highly recommend Branford Academy of Hair & Cosmetology to start your dream today.

Amber W.

Branford Academy Of Hair & Cosmetology has a lot to offer. and the experience has taught me a lot. I was really excited to learn and become certified in hair extensions, the La-Brasiliana Keratin System and Bio Ionics. The additional classes in Make Up Artistry and in learning about new high quality products such as Alfaparf and others was informative .The staff is very well trained and the atmosphere is one of total acceptance...all ages, races, religions and life styles feel welcome and comfortable at our school. Coming to this school has been one of the best experiences of my life... I will actually be sad to graduate in a way. To those who are reading this, thank you for taking the time and I urge you to enroll here you won't be disappointed.

Anthony P.
New Haven, CT

I found Branford Academy Of Hair & Cosmetology browsing online. I called and came in to tour the school and chose it because I liked the smaller environment and the one on one time the students have with the teachers. I really like being on the client floor and being able to interact with actual customers. I enjoy the variety of things we learn including nails, make-up, hair extensions and different treatments that other schools don't offer. I find the atmosphere and experience to be exceptional!

Annie W.
West Haven, CT

I am currently a senior and I originally found Branford Academy Of Hair & Cosmetology online. Then a friend told me they were attending here also so I inquired. The teachers here are amazing! They are patient and well informed. I love all of the different classes with speakers and manufacturers representatives who come in and demonstrate their products and techniques. My favorites were Vox Cosmetics, Bio-Ionics, La Brasiliana and Hair Extensions. Needless to say I've found the entire experience very educational and at the same time fun.

Kori D.
Killingworth, CT

When I first came to the academy I wanted to be a barber exclusively but, over time, I realized that I have talent and love doing women's hair. In addition, I now know that mastering the entire cosmetology course is essential to owning a salon. I am so glad that I stuck with it and swallowed my pride to get where I am going...which is to be a truly successful cosmetologist and not just solely a barber.

Ralph M.
N. Branford, CT

I chose Branford Academy Of Hair & Cosmetology because, for your tuition, you get more for your money. Other schools did not offer certification in other specialized areas of cosmetology as they do here. I enjoy learning new hair cuts and up do's and being encouraged to express my creativity and personal style. I think it is smart that they promote "all product lines" as opposed to one because I will feel more comfortable in my career having used a large variety of products.

Amber W.
East Haven, CT

I first heard about the school from a friend who was enrolled here. When I visited, the staff seemed really nice and caring about my future and career. I really liked learning all the latest techniques to make a client look great and be happy with my work. I would definitely encourage other people who are considering all the cosmetology schools to come see our school. The choice to come here was one of the best moves I've made in my life.

Joe C.
Branford, CT

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